18 Jul

Ultimate 28 Day Course Program Defies COVID-19 Predictions

PDR Training Certification
PDR Training Certification

Since 2009, PDR Training Australia has taken on this lucrative and illusive industry with innovative ideas taking on any challenges head on. Our One-on-One program took the paintless dent repair training industry by storm that almost overnight it replaced the group courses! We adopted an all-in approach to encourage women to train to become PDR technicians. It wasn't long before our 365 Day support program was introduced to provide support to our trainees bridging that gap supporting them as they transition into the industry. But there still was that one obstacle: that catch 22 phrase - you need experience to enter the industry and income to transition away from your day job. The 28 Day Course program was born.

The 28 Day Program (and the 12 Day Program) offered:

  1. Comprehensive coverage in standard and advanced PDR Techniques
  2. An understanding about the PDR industry including introduction to clients
  3. 365 Day post training support
  4. Post training network support (similar to an apprenticeship program)
  5. Income support in transition if possible*
  6. Extremely flexible program - you design your own schedule
  7. Flexible pricing structure

Then suddenly COVID-19 hit! Lockdowns. The most bizarre period in the history probably not only in our training history but also the PDR industry itself! I recall telling my trainers and PDR technicians - we need to adopt this period with caution! It was the 'unknown' - a challenge we had never faced.

Astonishingly, the complete opposite happened! The phone calls with bookings and hail repair jobs came through with such a vengeance that it became the busiest period in our 13 year history! Our PDR technicians worked 7 days a week for about 3 months straight. One of the reasons was the five 12 Day PDR Courses we ran in 2020 alone!

2021 trended with the usual demands of the hailstorm industry and then lockdown 2 hit in Sydney. This time another surprise! As I type, we have just signed up two 28 Day One-on-One PDR Course Program trainees to take on our comprehensive and unique program! COVID-19 has altered the 'business world ecosystem'. With it, PDR Training Australia has not only survived but thrived! Our motto has never changed: "Todays Training - Tomorrow's Future".

If you want to know more about our PDR courses or how much it costs for a PDR course, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0408020468. Feel free to also contact us for hail dent or dint repair.

* income support is almost always provided but opportunities can vary depending on hailstorms and retail work sector demands 

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