Can you have female technicians? Well today marks another milestone our third female trainee to be trained at PDR Training Australia. From a marketing background, she wishes to enter this lucrative industry having seen first hand the potential earnings in this industry! We wish her luck and more to comeRead More →

Exciting News!!! For just $80, you are able to get a complete an online pdr course with our trainer! Welcome to our PDR Courses online! Sit back and relax and watch our series of detailed videos showing quite a few PDR techniques from starter (finding the tip exercises) to using various tools, pushing dents with rodsRead More →

If you have recently had a vehicle damaged by hailstones (including Canberra) and are living in Sydney, feel free to contact us for a quotation of the vehicle. We have two repairer PDR technicians that can assist in your enquiries. However, please ensure that if the vehicle is a write-offRead More →

Coronavirus Special!!! Anyone who books any of the certificed PDR Courses during the Coronavirus lock down period will receive FREE access to the PDR eBook worth $59! Although we are aware of restrictions and some closures, but until further notice, we are continuing PDR Courses as per usual. Of courseRead More →