Changed life of many Panel beaters, spray painters, detailor, freshers.

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We have rapidly set up operations strategically around Australia with partners and facilities to service both PDR Training and dent repair clients in various states.

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PDR Training Locations with Food & Accommodation
Nowra NSW

All our technicians are experienced and have worked in hail storms around the country and there are strict criteria in matching the correct applicant with the correct trainer.

Our courses vary from 1 day to 28 days but 3 days minimum are required for certification.
We do have payment plans please apply now.
Our courses operate on any day of the week or weekends.
No we supply tools but you are welcome to bring tools you have or have purchased from us to learn on.

Yes and it’s great we have negotiated special deals on full sets that save about $1500 compared to similar brands.

Absolutely – in fact it is often stated that females have a fine touch on dents.

Our underlying motto is success. We have an extensive support network and training backup that exhausts every avenue for that success.

A PDR course certificate is provided for all applicants competent for 3 days or more.

No, as we believe in allow our network to encourage rather burden our PDR graduates.

PDR Training Australia strictly adheres to privacy of applicants and graduates.

Some PDR courses offer accommodation packages.

Unless two or three applicants apply, all our courses are one-on-one training.

Our trainers encourage questions from applicants as it helps enrich the PDR course experience.

Our hours unless varied by trainer and trainee are 8am to 5pm and the trainers are dedicated to your training full days.

We do offer group courses including one-on-two and one-on-three but the overwhelming demand is for one-on-one pdr dedicated training.

Absolutely and with that you get our special PDR 90 page eBook and PDR course online completely free.

First, and foremost, paintless dent removal is not a job – it’s a business in the form of sole trader and / or contractual work with large hail repair companies

First, and foremost, paintless dent removal is not a job – it’s a business in the form of sole trader and / or contractual work with large hail repair companies. Our support extends to providing work incentives as an additional to their developing business. As graduates, they can join out hail dent repair network and get work in their local area through our advertising programs and website exposure.

No way. Trainers are dedicated to training the whole day. There are a few instances in the advanced training courses 12 Day and 28 Day where the trainer and trainer work on a customer’s vehicle as part of the curriculum.

We certainly do and have had the pleasure of sharing our experience, skills and training with international trainees from South Africa and Asia and another soon coming from the Middle East later this year. They are doing providing services in a niche market in their countries.

The most successful PDR technicians can and do earn $8to $20k per week in peak hail season. (so potential earnings) $200k in a quarter is not unhear of But that is 10+ years experience

A safer answer for most is
1. starting trainee graduate earnings 1 to 3 year technicians $700 to $2000
2. 5 to 7 year technicians $2000 to $5000 per week potentially assuming they have
3. 8 to 10 year pdr technicians $5000 to $10000 / per week peak season and being fed work by contracts and being efficient working 7 days per week long hours
4. 10 plus year pdr technicians $8000 to $20000 / week once again crucial getting contracts, being efficient long hours and rapid dent removal with quality
Factors for success and more earnings exposure to the work – cities compared to small townships, more cars in cities and more customers – being able to back up good quality as they develop

willingness to chase work no matter what and take on jobs,

exposure to the the vehicle repair industry eg Panel beaters, spray painters and detailers even car yard sales people are all exposed to vehicles and consequently customer base

being able to learn quickly and do great work including quality diligence and being on time, no losing customers through lack of organisation

knowing how to market themselves

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PDR Technician Earnings – PDR Technician Job Advertisement Example


This was an advertisement a few years ago it’s on the link

We are looking for someone who can bring their mechanical skills and professional attitude to the team. If you are self motivated, have a great attitude and excellent customer service skills, we would love to talk to you. Candidates must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. We offer excellent compensation, insurance, 401K and paid vacation.

Job Duties:

·Walking dealership inventory to identify work.

·Work in a team environment.

·Work with Dealership Management

·Perform Customer Service

·Perform dent repairs using specialized metal rods and lighting