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What is PDR?

PDR (or paintless dent removal) is the art of removing dents without repainting to maintain the original factory paint.

PDR Training course is for you if you

Hate your boss
Not earning enough money
Career Growth
It is my Passion
Who can go for a PDR Technician Job or Career? Who Can Become A PDR Technician?

Who can go for a PDR Technician Job or Career? Who Can Become A PDR Technician?

PDR Training courses are popping up around the country as more people find out about the PDR industry particularly panel beaters. However, research suggests that although panel beaters are the obvious personnel that would be attracted to the paintless dent removal industry, anyone can attempt to do such courses so long as they have the following traits:

If you have these qualities, then give this industry a go. Even those PDR technicians that don’t get involved with a hail repair business and remain local can still make the money required..

Changed life of many Panel beaters, spray painters, detailor, freshers.

mitchell davis
mitchell davis
Great experience with friendly and kind people. Would highly recommend
Dennis W
Dennis W
Thanks Jimmy for following up and my trainer Morris is very professional, seeking for perfection, and pushing the boundary of my skills. I have absolutely enjoyed my entire 12 days training with PDR Training & Hail Dent Repair. Highly recommended to anyone who is ready for career change.
Michael Bimrose
Michael Bimrose
Just completed Paintless Dent Removal with Mark in Melbourne. Extensive knowledge of the PDR Systems and general know how. I have had some experience but wanted to upgrade my capabilities. Big shout out to Jimmy and Mark for a very good experience.
John Smith
John Smith
The PDR training 12 Day course I enrolled was well set out for my level and I liked the way they had different skills each day. They allowed me to wok on my car too which I was more motivate. Thanks Morris - can’t wait to join your network Johnny
Peter Bell
Peter Bell
Had my car damaged in a hailstorm earlier this year and got my car repaired by Hail Dent Repair. Serg did an awesome job - I honestly could not see where the damage was especially on the roof and cant-rail that were hammered. Thanks guys! All dents gone and cleaned on return.
Brendon Simmons
Brendon Simmons
I highly recommend PDR Training Australia, they are professionals through and through. If you are looking for PDR training and go with these guys, you will be happy. Thanks guys.
Noah Biggles
Noah Biggles
I attended training in Adelaide and found they were knowledgeable professionals, who make learning easy in a friendly environment.
Dylan Bromley
Dylan Bromley
Would highly recommend, I spent two days with pdr training and learnt way over my expectations I had for the days. 5 star
Lester Edgar
Lester Edgar
I think I want to go to Australia to study in PDR

Now it’s your time

Why Choose Us

Dedicated One-on-One Courses
100% free support

Flexibility in Pricing & Structure
Dedicated One-on-One Courses
We Train Australia Wide
The Widest Variety of PDR Courses and Curriculum
We don't take huge deposits or lock in contracts
One-on-One Hands on

NO theory - (We have separate online theory available - please ask us for this - it's free for anyone who signs up for the PDR courses!)

100% practical

Three main techniques are used:

before and after hail repair picture
Our courses vary from 1 day to 28 days but 3 days minimum are required for certification.
Our courses operate on any day of the week or weekends.
No we supply tools but you are welcome to bring tools you have or have purchased from us to learn on.

The most successful PDR technicians can and do earn $8to $20k per week in peak hail season. (so potential earnings) $200k in a quarter is not unhear of But that is 10+ years experience

A safer answer for most is
1. starting trainee graduate earnings 1 to 3 year technicians $700 to $2000
2. 5 to 7 year technicians $2000 to $5000 per week potentially assuming they have
3. 8 to 10 year pdr technicians $5000 to $10000 / per week peak season and being fed work by contracts and being efficient working 7 days per week long hours
4. 10 plus year pdr technicians $8000 to $20000 / week once again crucial getting contracts, being efficient long hours and rapid dent removal with quality
Factors for success and more earnings exposure to the work – cities compared to small townships, more cars in cities and more customers – being able to back up good quality as they develop

willingness to chase work no matter what and take on jobs,

exposure to the the vehicle repair industry eg Panel beaters, spray painters and detailers even car yard sales people are all exposed to vehicles and consequently customer base

being able to learn quickly and do great work including quality diligence and being on time, no losing customers through lack of organisation

knowing how to market themselves

Check this link on my website

PDR Technician Earnings – PDR Technician Job Advertisement Example

This was an advertisement a few years ago it’s on the link

We are looking for someone who can bring their mechanical skills and professional attitude to the team. If you are self motivated, have a great attitude and excellent customer service skills, we would love to talk to you. Candidates must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. We offer excellent compensation, insurance, 401K and paid vacation.

Job Duties:

·Walking dealership inventory to identify work.

·Work in a team environment.

·Work with Dealership Management

·Perform Customer Service

·Perform dent repairs using specialized metal rods and lighting

Absolutely and with that you get our special PDR 90 page eBook and PDR course online completely free.

We do have payment plans please apply now.