About to lose your job? Career change? Read on… With Toyota finally announcing its move of its manufacturing plant from Australia, joining Holden and Ford, this is a devastating time for Australian manufacturing and the innovations that come from the automobile industry. It is estimated that about 50,000 workers couldRead More →

The paintless dent repair course is underway in Melbourne on Day 1 with all participants already finding and pushing dents. This course specifically has been restructured to cater for a wide range of prior background skills and tailored for individual specific needs.

Learning PDR is not as simple as it seems. Whether you are a panel beater or have never pulled apart a car in your life, those that are most successful in our courses are those that are: – have good hand-eye co-ordination skills as well as patience and perseverence. –Read More →

Day 4 in the Paintless Dent Repair Training Course in Melbourne 2013. Surprise results! Included here are some images that best show today’s activities. In particular, check the before after shots included here!  These were completed by one of trainee technicians!

By Day 2 and Day 3, everyone is appreciating the paintless dent repair course! Nine grueling hours on Day 1 introduced the new technicians into the reality of the paintless dent repair world. And aren’t they loving it! On Day 2, the techs were introduced to quoting techniques and pushingRead More →

The paintless dent repair course in Melbourne 2013 is finally underway and the PDR students are progressing well – faster than the usual pace! This means we will be able to move at a faster pace. Certainly helps when you have had some experience although it is not crucial. WeRead More →

Last day – assessment. Some nerves naturally on the day but the guys did very well in the time frame they were provided. This was no a test but more a guide on the real world vehicle repair and also to see what tools were to be used in differentRead More →

Time for some glue and pull practicals. The guys are doing fine!