11 Feb

About to lose your job? Career change? Read on...

pdr__training_melbourne_2013053With Toyota finally announcing its move of its manufacturing plant from Australia, joining Holden and Ford, this is a devastating time for Australian manufacturing and the innovations that come from the automobile industry. It is estimated that about 50,000 workers could be out of work from the combined car manufacturers and also the industries that they support - suppliers, parts, tyres, paint, engineering, the list goes on.PDR_course_23rd_September_2013_005

Where do the workers look for work when some have worked in the same company for more than 20 years. We at PDR Australia really encourage those workers who enjoyed their career in the car industry to seriously consider working in the PDR industry.


Patience, perseverance, determination, good hand eye co-ordination and a love for working with cars. There are no educational requirements - none at all. School leavers from year 10 have made a lucrative career in paintless dent removal!

Opportunities and Earnings

If you can make it through the crucial first year period of dedicated training, then you are set to enter the industry. With increasing experience and skills development, you not only can start your own business but also contract to any businesses operating mobile during the hailstorm season. there usually is a shortage of PDR technicians.PDR_course_Melbourne_september_201314

Earnings? Take for instance one dent repaired at $80. Even if you repair 3 dents a day you have a wage. A good PDR technician can repair most dents within a several minutes - a beginning technician should be able to repair dents within 20-30 minutes (not difficult dents). It is reasonable in the current industry to charge dents at the rate of about $80-$120 per dent and then reduce per second dent. Nobody requires to be a mathematician to do the calculations!

Number of dents per day Cost per Dent Earnings per day (5 day week) Earnings per week Earnings per Year (use 50 weeks)
3 $80 $240 $1200 $60,000
5 $80 $400 $2000 $100,000
10 $80 $800 $4000 $200,000
20 $80  $1600  $8000  $400,000

Ask anyone in this PDR industry whether they are unhappy with their work! It has been one of the best kept secrets for many years. Ok let's be realistic - it is seasonal work so perhaps the $400,000 is getting too excited but $100,000 to $200,000 for a an a tive PDR technician is not unreasonable!

If you are male or female, and are serious about a career change, have the patience and perseverance to go on no matter what, apply for PDR Training by signing the online form on this page.


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