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Glue and Pull technique using a special glue that does not damage the paint.

pdr_training.jpg Want to try something absolutely different, new and totally unique? Read to see if you have what it takes to get through! Welcome to the PDR industry - one of the new and least known industries!

So what is PDR

PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal (also Paintless Dent Repair). It is simply the art of using special tools to push dents such as hail dents Preserving the origjnal paints! PDR quotes are the first standard quotation request by the insurance industry during hailstorms. Remember, one in three cars have dents!

Isn't this just Panel Beating?

Note quite. Panel beating involves repairing vehicles including respraying the vehicles. PDR totally involves paintless removal. Panel Beaters tend to remain in one spot - PDR technicians are most often mobile and often known as "hail chasers". Some even choose to travel around the world with their work. Panel beaters are retraining into this industry. Unlike panel beating or soray painting, PDR is almost completely a clean and envoenmentally friendly technical career!

Why haven't anyone heard of PDR?

This is simple the history of PDR! It has been a well kept secret for a long time and the new technicians followed suit. Some PDR technicians have paid $40,000 to get trained 15 to 20 years ago! They knew the secret through contacts and knew that they will get the money back rather quickly!

We are offering you the opportunity to get in and you can the see for yourself with the expertise from practicing  industry professionals! Do the research yourself about what PDR technicians do and earn! Feel free to sign into our course.

Tap down technique to push the dent high points down in order to push the dents up more efficiently and neatly. Quality is essential in this industry.

What does the 5 Day Course offer and what does it cost?

The 5 Day course teaches all the skills involved in PDR. It then is the next stage where you will require support to get you through the training program after the course. It is estimated it takes about a year to become confident in doing dents to be able to move into business.

The course costs $3600 for 5 days including one year support as well. You will require our assistance and support down the track whilst you are practicing 3 hours a day minimum in the practical program after the course. We do everything we can to match you with other professionals and contacts and invite you to come to future courses for observation and feedback on progress. Our main aim is that you survive that critical first year! Please understand that this is the way you learn PDR.

Trainee using a tool and a light to access the rear guard to push a dent

We do take the entry requirements very seriously to satisfy our own accreditation requirements. The initial consultation is an important process to see who is best suited for this industry. The assessment schedule is designed to ensure that you follow the strengths and weaknesses from the course throughout the intense practice phase.

Bonnet strapped on a stand allows easy access to the dent as the bonnet (or boot) has to remain steady whilst pushing.

The industry is young and growing rapidly. You will be surprised that the industry itself has managed quite well in terms of consistency without any intervention! The insurance industry has assisted in this process by standardising pricing.

So what do PDR Technicians earn?

A good technician in PDR is someone who is able to produce good quality and push out the average hail damaged vehicle within a day. For that, they earn a specified percentage and on average this works out to be about $2000/day. The average quotes of the industry are $2500 to $3000 some more some less. Can this be true? Do the research before you decide. Remember, this is not a job wage or salary - this is a business or company set up! You contract your services to other major companies or direct to the insurance companies as well as private work. Supply and demand means there are relatively few technicians around to do the work. And one can only imagine if Sydney gets hit by a hailstorm - it is statistically overdue and there will be thousands of cars to be repaired. There will be such a demand for technicians that the work will not be completed until a year or two within Sydney alone!

In the past several years, an industry has evolved from special tools specific to the PDR industry. For trainees, a simple starter kit will suff

Contact Jimmy Deguara on 0408020468 and I can run you through more information and questions about what we do in the courses. Sign the form on the side for updates on our courses and services!

Who will be the next PDR Course graduates? Book your spot and be a part of an exclusive industry that is set to explode!

All PDR Training Graduates receive certificates and assessment portfolios
Day 5 The Awards Ceremony. All PDR Training Graduates receive certificates and assessment portfolios - graduates also get a chance to offer anonymous feedback!

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