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So what content is included in our courses?

You will learn all you require in PDR in the traditional methodology:

- Finding the tip

- Pushing dents on bonnets, roofs, doors and quarter panels

- the type of tools used in PDR

- access points around the car and the tools used with these access

points in mind

- dent count and quotation depending on your requirements

- we teach you quotation - private, car yard and also for insurance -

they are all different pricing and approaches

- then we start all the methods above in glue pulling - once again

bonnets, roofs, doors and quarter panels

- recognising and noting down damage

- push to paint

- an assessment as well as tick sheet is provided to the trainer to

ensure that the skills have been covered

The whole course is practical no theory required just hands on.

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PDR Course Melbourne July 2014 Day 3 1
PDR Course

Things you may need to know when considering a PDR Course

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Paintless Dent Removal Course Melbourne 7th July 2014 Day 2 5
PDR Course

Paintless Dent Repair Course? 

PDR Course
PDR Course

Tools: It is recommended to bring your own tools so that you can get a feel for the type of tools that match your comfort. Starter kits are available. Please consider the best tools from either DentCraft or Ultradent. If you don't have your own tools, we do provide tools at the course so no need to panic. Just pay and enrol and you are in. Ask for the payment details by contacting PDRTraining using the contact form.   Please feel free to learn more about PDR and its techniques in the online eBook for now: http://www.pdrtraining.com.au/pdr_membership/

Online Course Enrolment and Payment procedures For those who don't wish to enrol in the Full Practical 5 Day course? Want to simply try the Online Course first?

Want a change in Career and Income? Looking for a different career move? Or is it a case of things expenses are rising but not the wages? PDR Training offers solutions! Whilst the economy suffers and things get tight, PDR Technicians move on regardless secretly earning one of the most highest total earnings in the country. I assure you I have seen first hand evidence of what PDR Technicians can and do earn!

PDR Course
PDR Course

Why the secret? This is simply the industry. In the whole of its relatively short history as a commercial trade, PDR Technicians have been secretly moving about earning literally thousands - I have seen $90,000 between two technicians for one-two months work! We have had a massive influx of applicants wanting to do PDR Training since the Melbourne hailstorm particularly from PDR Technicians closest counterparts - panel beaters - they also realise the massive difference between their wages and PDR Technicians - there is simply no comparison!

How do I get into this trade? Simple! PDR Training is your first entry point into this unique industry we call paintless dent repair or paintless dent removal. You need to take that first step and persevere to realise this potential! You hold yourself back, you probably will regret it! For a beginning investment of $49, you are getting a great investment into a future career! At PDR Training, our PDR course is extremely flexible and comprehensive. Much thought has been put into the design of each module and content to prepare technicians to be successful in the industry. Furthermore, our aim is to ensure that those who do attend the course have the support after the 5-Day course to persevere in the difficult period that follows. This online course and website will provide added support as well as notes to fall back on when required.

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