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Hail Damage Repairs Maryborough 8th December 2022

Hail Damage Repairs Maryborough 8th December 2022 On the afternoon of 8th December 2022, a number of supercells including one intense supercell developed and spawned hailstones around Gympie to Maryborough. A narrow path of giant hail in the vicinity of 8 to 10cm hailstone size occurred near Maryborough. Vehicles would have sustained damage some severe. […]

Port Macquarie Hailstorm Damage

Hail Damage Repairs Port Macquarie A severe hailstorm impacted the mod-north coast of Port Macquarie and regions near Taree. Hailstones size of golf balls or larger damaged vehicles. Most damage from this hailstorm can be repaired by paintless dent removal. If you are forced to go to your preferred repairer, be mindful that it is […]

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PDR Training.

There are a few common questions that are asked so here is a summary on how courses work

First and foremost! Our courses are:

  • One-on-One Hands on
  • NO theory – We have separate online theory available – please ask us for this – it’s free for anyone who signs up for the PDR courses!
  • 100% practical
Locations ?
PDR Courses locations are available in all capital cities - you come to use (or we can come to you for a $1000 extra fee). So we have venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as well as Brisbane and Central Queensland Coast. We are working on a venue in Perth and have contacts there. Hobart and Darwin we are working on but any of those applications can fly and we can pick up and dropped off FREE from Sydney Airport and you be accommodated and fed for $80 per night on top of the course prices with Accommodation and Food PDR Course Package.
Can you come to me?
Yes and we have worked hard to provide these opportunities of doing PDR! We understand and take seriously the pressures of the increasing cost of living! So our partners have teamed us with us closely to accommodate Train Now Pay Later options Apply for the 3 Day, 5 Day or 6 Day course… Apply for the 12 to 28 Day PDR Course… As per usual these are offered to assist people - please read the terms and conditions before committing
Dates for courses ?
Our courses have changed from group courses to customised One-on-One PDR courses. What this means is that you choose the course and the dates and we work the dates and schedules as close as we can to you. So when is the next course? It's whenever you wish any time of the year with whatever flexibility in schedule we can accommodate between you and the PDR trainer!
Are you trainers experienced?
Yes! Our trainers are streamlined to offer courses that match their demonstrated experience levels - in particular the advanced PDR courses. PDR technicians have to have demonstrated work in hailstorms or at minimum a variety of hailstone vehicles over several years. Also a requirement is their extensive knowledge of vehicles and efficient parts removal requirements.
How long are your PDR Courses?
Courses vary from 1 day taster courses to 28 days full advanced Masterclass PDR Course
Prices ?
Our pricing structures have always tried to balance the industry standards of the PDR technicians to affordability! We have matched this better than our competitors because our passion is to develop a network and not to profit with huge deposits and hefty contracts. We back up our training - we don't pressure people to join - this is why we have never had any known complaints! People know before the pay for our courses where they stand with PDR Training Australia! Prices begin as low as $500 for half a day or shared $500 each person for a day.
Are there loans or payment plans available?
Yes and we have worked hard to provide these opportunities of doing PDR! We understand and take seriously the pressures of the increasing cost of living! So our partners have teamed us with us closely to accommodate Train Now Pay Later options Apply for the 3 Day, 5 Day or 6 Day course… Apply for the 12 to 28 Day PDR Course… As per usual these are offered to assist people - please read the terms and conditions before committing
Are your courses available on the weekends?
Absolutely! For many years now we have said yes as much as possible to accommodate the needs our trainees and this is why they have appreciated what we have done for them on top of the support. Our courses: can be done over weekends can be split on a day by day circumstance our courses are designed to be very flexible to fit your needs - we like to say yes as much as possible.
Do I need PDR Tools prior to the course?
No not really (but like anything it is much of a personal choice). If you KNOW and back up your ability to do PDR and you have an almost guarantee for success in PDR and / or prefer to work on the tools you purchase sure get the PDR tools prior. Some of our most successful applicants in the many years we have done PDR Training purchased tools prior. One must be careful which tools you buy for your PDR Courses. Please do your research to ensure the tools your purchase are reputable brands - namely professional tools such as Dentcraft Tools and Ultradent Tools.
Do you sell PDR tools?
We do sell PDR tools but during the pandemic because of the supply issues we opted out for a short period. We are once again selling PDR Tools - the recommended brands. Under no circumstances should you buy non-recommended PDR Tools particularly those made in China. It is also not encouraged to make your own equipment as your time is best spent practicing utilising those learned skills. Yes the PDR tools can be expensive but in the long run the recommended brands are very versatile and if taken care of can last a lifetime!
Can anyone do the PDR Courses or paintless dent removal?
From the many years of experience running PDR Courses, there are certain features we find that our PDR successful students attain. Naturally panel beaters and spray painters who are accustomed to the vehicle repair industry are ideal applicants but don't be so concerned Good eye-sight - this is essential and a requirement to see the minor detail within a dent (if you need spectacles - wear them) - it's more embarrassing (and frustrating) to not do a dent with great quality because of poor eyesight than to wear glasses motivation determination perseverance patience willingness to learn with realistic expectations eye for detail (however we tread carefully with those who are strict on quality expectations as this can sometimes be a deterant early on as you develop your skills) a plan in place (where they wish to be when they head beyond the course eg start slow with weekend work then grow slowly) a project such as a car to help with motivation above (it is a requirement to practice before taking on customers full time so a car is required to work on) knowledge of cars is an advantage and can greatly accelerate the ability to progress BUT don't be deterred - having some contact including your own trainer as part of the support is all that is required for knowledge as you grow and gather that experience.
I am a female - can I do PDR?
Absolutely! There is nothing more satisfying than to have our female applicants graduating into a male dominated industry. There is no physical reason that would prevent females from entering the PDR industry! And like other similar industries, the PDR industry is welcoming more and more females.
Do you offer support?
Yes. We were the first to offer support and other training followed us! Our whole concept is to provide both support and incentives to reduce the chance of failure. It's very difficult to jump ship from secure job to any business let alone paintless dent removal! We provide as secure a bridge as we can and provide realistic truthful expectations as to the chances of providing work. We are now advertising within your zone and providing work with our latest incentives!
Do your courses have certificates?
Yes! We provide each person with PDR certificates and also an assessment schedule as well as pricing structure.
Do you sell franchises?
No - franchises can get very ugly especially since some areas are more prone to hailstorms than others We do however offer incentives to encourage out expanding hail dent repair network for you to get work as you develop those PDR skills.
Do you announce or talk to anyone about me doing the course
No way. At PDR Training Australia, we have a privacy policy and do appreciate that different people have different reasons for training including not telling their employers. We also appreciate employers who train their staff and work with them for the best possible outcome!

A PDR course certificate is provided for all applicants competent for 3 days or more.

No, as we believe in allow our network to encourage rather burden our PDR graduates.

PDR Training Australia strictly adheres to privacy of applicants and graduates.

Some PDR courses offer accommodation packages.

Unless two or three applicants apply, all our courses are one-on-one training.

Our trainers encourage questions from applicants as it helps enrich the PDR course experience.

Our hours unless varied by trainer and trainee are 8am to 5pm and the trainers are dedicated to your training full days.

We do offer group courses including one-on-two and one-on-three but the overwhelming demand is for one-on-one pdr dedicated training.

Absolutely and with that you get our special PDR 90 page eBook and PDR course online completely free.

First, and foremost, paintless dent removal is not a job – it’s a business in the form of sole trader and / or contractual work with large hail repair companies

First, and foremost, paintless dent removal is not a job – it’s a business in the form of sole trader and / or contractual work with large hail repair companies. Our support extends to providing work incentives as an additional to their developing business. As graduates, they can join out hail dent repair network and get work in their local area through our advertising programs and website exposure.

No way. Trainers are dedicated to training the whole day. There are a few instances in the advanced training courses 12 Day and 28 Day where the trainer and trainer work on a customer’s vehicle as part of the curriculum.

We certainly do and have had the pleasure of sharing our experience, skills and training with international trainees from South Africa and Asia and another soon coming from the Middle East later this year. They are doing providing services in a niche market in their countries.

The most successful PDR technicians can and do earn $8to $20k per week in peak hail season. (so potential earnings) $200k in a quarter is not unhear of But that is 10+ years experience

A safer answer for most is
1. starting trainee graduate earnings 1 to 3 year technicians $700 to $2000
2. 5 to 7 year technicians $2000 to $5000 per week potentially assuming they have
3. 8 to 10 year pdr technicians $5000 to $10000 / per week peak season and being fed work by contracts and being efficient working 7 days per week long hours
4. 10 plus year pdr technicians $8000 to $20000 / week once again crucial getting contracts, being efficient long hours and rapid dent removal with quality
Factors for success and more earnings exposure to the work – cities compared to small townships, more cars in cities and more customers – being able to back up good quality as they develop

willingness to chase work no matter what and take on jobs,

exposure to the the vehicle repair industry eg Panel beaters, spray painters and detailers even car yard sales people are all exposed to vehicles and consequently customer base

being able to learn quickly and do great work including quality diligence and being on time, no losing customers through lack of organisation

knowing how to market themselves

Check this link on my website

PDR Technician Earnings – PDR Technician Job Advertisement Example


This was an advertisement a few years ago it’s on the link

We are looking for someone who can bring their mechanical skills and professional attitude to the team. If you are self motivated, have a great attitude and excellent customer service skills, we would love to talk to you. Candidates must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. We offer excellent compensation, insurance, 401K and paid vacation.

Job Duties:

·Walking dealership inventory to identify work.

·Work in a team environment.

·Work with Dealership Management

·Perform Customer Service

·Perform dent repairs using specialized metal rods and lighting

Customer Information Vehicle Hail Damage Assessment Form

To proceed with any insurance claims,

Step 1: Contact your insurance company and lodge a claim

Step 2: Please complete the    Vehicle Hail Damage Assessment Form.

Step 3: Contact us to make the FREE quotation and take the necessary pictures of your vehicle.

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