Paintless dent removal Port Macquarie
Paintless dent removal Port Macquarie

Hail Damage Repairs Port Macquarie

A severe hailstorm impacted the mod-north coast of Port Macquarie and regions near Taree. Hailstones size of golf balls or larger damaged vehicles. Most damage from this hailstorm can be repaired by paintless dent removal. If you are forced to go to your preferred repairer, be mindful that it is not necessary in most instances to remove your roof as paintless dent removal can and has for many years been the main method to remove dents by maintaining the original factory finish.

If you had any #hail #damage in #PortMacquarie or #Taree #Harrington, let us know - we may pay for part or even all your of your #insuranceexcess if you make a claim!

How it works?

If the quote of the damage is $5000 for instance and your excess is $700, we will still be able to get $4300 for the job and we are very happy to do this - a win-win for you as the customer and us as the repairer. If you for for your rights of YOUR vehicle, you can get this deal! And yes lifetime is offered by legitimate repairers.

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Hail Quote with Pictures

Paintless dent removal Port Macquarie

Don't fall into the trap below - do your research, protect your own vehicle and don't wait and allow your roof to be taken off!


Hail Dent Repair

Yesterday we got a call from a lady clearly distressed because
a) her car stood in a holding yard with a preferred repairer for a month and she may have to wait for 6 months for repairs
b) they told her they were waiting on a part - the roof - yes that’s right - the roof! It’s now a common thing to replace the roof on vehicles for hailstorm on a mass scale! Up to a few years ago this was very rare!!!
We have taken on the job, will have it assessed, and if authorised for repair the repair may only take a week or two!! Not six month!!
The standard repair time for a hail damaged car like that in Box Hill is 5 days! We don’t take off roofs and only in rare cases is this a requirement with very weak panels and extreme hail or long lasting hail.
I am so surprised people accept the word of repairers taking off roofs! Always get a second opinion! It’s your car and your decision. Insurers can pay you out - repairers can cover lifetime warranty.
Fill in a insurance quote form and fight for your rights to repair your vehicle without having to wait in the cue