Welcome to our PDR MASTERCLASS course!

As suggested, the Masterclass PDR Course is $20,000. This course spans one whole month on dates agreed between yourself and the trainer.

The tools required as a guide cost $3400 – the set #20 Ultradent and $1000 for a bonnet stand (we are looking into these tools as more tools are offered on the market but this tool set is sufficient).

Our courses always offer full days between 8am to 5pm. If any times are scheduled out of those times, we are flexible and always fulfill the full amount of hours.

We provide you a ONE Year Support. We also provide a certificate and this includes the pricing template that can be charged when you start a business. Yes we provide the pricing schedule template you can charge that is consistent with the insurance industry and acceptable by insurance.

After this, it is important that all skills are practiced regularly to master those skills. Please do not hesitate to contact the trainer and communicate any concerns or frustrations. We take pride in getting you into the industry and your feedback assists in ensuring this success.

We run professional PDR Courses and have been since 2009. In 2014, we ran 22 PDR Courses! To this date not one complaint about the courses or the trainers. By 2022, we were running about 20 to 30 courses per year.

Features of this Advanced PDR Course

The PDR Course is full practical hands on. Besides the odd discussion on how to read the dent, the PDR course is meant to provide the following:

The whole course is practical no theory required just hands on.

Some of the things you will learn so much you require in PDR in the traditional methodology:

  • Finding the tip
  • Pushing dents on bonnets, roofs, doors and quarter panels
  • the type of tools used in PDR
  • access points around the car and the tools used with these access points in min
  • dent count and quotation depending on your requirements
  • recognising old damage
  • recognising old paint or previous work
  • recognising false and fraudulent claims
  • we teach you quotation – private, car yard and also for insurance – they are all different pricing and approaches
  •  then we start all the methods above in glue pulling – once again bonnets, roofs, doors and quarter panels
  • recognising and noting down damage
  • push to paint
  • an assessment as well as tick sheet is provided to the trainer to ensure that the skills have been covered
  • creases
  • stretched metal
  • very large dents
  • complex dents
  •  hot boxes
  • working on aluminium
  • working with long rods and numerous variety of tools including working on station wagons or vans

And much more!!!

This is full fledged advanced preparing to provide a comprehensive coverage of the skills and requirements to enter the work force as a PDR Technician

The main aim of this full one month course is to prepare you for the industry. Super-graduates with excellent results in this course may be offered part time or permanent employment with the company ADR partnering with us offering the course at their premises to be done in a live storm or work zone as customers come in.

Please contact Jimmy 0408020468 for further information or bookings!

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