19 Feb

Earlier this week, we completed another successful course in 2019. The two applicants thus far this year were exceptional in that the ticked all the boxes prior to the PDR course!

First and foremost - they had a plan in place that was workable to enter into the industry. This last applicant, who will be known as Mohamad, was the likely the best applicant we have ever taken in the course! Even prior to the course, with my experience in the PDR Training arena, I could see that Mohamed had thoroughly investigated the tools required, the PDR Course he wished to attend, he made the effort to come to our pre course meeting, bought the tools required prior to the course which is not required but always a good thing, and began to training prior. His training was the give away - 3 hours strictly timed training per day! It is this last component that made this applicant leap ahead of other applicants we have had in the past 10 years! The willingness and determination to put the hours required is essential to maximise the chances of getting into the industry.

Furthermore, he has already seeked a partner from the industry to get work and partner with another essential "apprentice style" support which traditionally assisted others in the past getting into the industry.

Limitations on PDR Viability 1
Limitations on PDR Viability 1

Best of luck to the applicants who have attended our PDR courses in the past 10 years! We feel we have had a great success rate and excellent feedback by PDR trainees who appreciated the opportunity to learn!

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