04 Jan

Breaking News – Sydney Hailstorm Repairs call 0408020468

We have begun repairing vehicles from the recent Sydney hailstorms.

We are ready to proceed with quotations but require claim number and some information. Please click the following link


Anyone worried about choice of repairers contact us – Call us – 0408020468

Our first customer was quite impressed with the results:

Hi Jimmy …… my name is Rex and I spoke to you back on the 27th December regarding hail damage on my car. 

You recommended your mate from Melbourne to contact me and I am very pleased to say that Morris has just completed the work on my car today with an excellent result. My first impression when he came to do my quote was he seemed like an honest guy and that he would do a good job. So I didn’t worry about getting any other quotes and asked him to please do the job for me.

Morris did an excellent job and I would certainly recommend him to anybody who needs any PDR work done now or anytime in the future,

Kind Regards,

Kind Regards,


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