21 Sep

Paintless Dent Repair - What does the NRMA think about the process?

The NRMA, one of Australia's largest insurance companies explains very clearly what is paintless dent repair, how it works, why it is important to consider and why they condone it is a hail and dent repair technique.

Why should you take up PDR Training?

Some very important information to consider as a consumer. If your car has dents it's an important read but also interesting for those that are new to the industry. If you are considering paintless dent repair training to be a part of this expanding and unique industry, this provides incentives why to sign up.

Feel free to read the NRMA paintless dent removal article. It includes some of the advantages in terms of cost, speed of repair and minimal effects on the environment.PDR Course Melbourne July 2014 Day 4 3

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