16 Apr
Crease on fold on quarter panel - Before shot.
Crease on fold on quarter panel Removed - After Shot

Course Day 3 and time for quotation. This was an excellent lesson in the world of PDR - you need to get the pricing right. Quoting in the sun is a no no! So the guys then quoted inside to see the difference! There was a difference of about $3600 in pricing!

The guys are also checking another type of material to push - aluminium! This does not react like normal steel cars and so pushing and glue pulling on aluminium is different as are differences in other types of metal with different gauges and constituents of iron etc. Working with different colours can also vary for the beginner PDR technician. 0414jd30 0414jd31 0414jd32 0414jd33 PDR Dent 0414jd28 0414jd29

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