15 Apr
Phill's vehicle with advertising! Not bad for the first year of being a PDR technician!
This is an example of a glue-and-pull gone wrong! All pdr technicians have been there! Ph well - this will need to be painted in the real world!

0414jd18 0414jd19 0414jd20 0414jd21 0414jd22 0414jd23 0414jd24 0414jd26 More pictures from Day 2 of the Melbourne PDR Training Course. Today was mainly used to further develop pushing skills and an introduction to the glue-and-pull technique!

It was amazing what 24 hours could make in terms of progressing - the dents seemed much cleaner today and this help build much confidence.

Phill, a student from a previous course came a gave an excellent run down on the industry and just how hard it is and how he persevered in pushing himself out there. He is one example of someone who is making money within 1 year of the course and building confidence in dealing with customers and clients!

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