04 Mar

Don't support copycats!

Hail dents on panel
Hail dents on panel

It came to our attention a competitor has copied exactly the pricing structure we so tirelessly created over years of trials. Unlike other competitors, we permanently provide and continue to specialise in year round training and support and devised programs and opportunities for PDR technicians to break into the industry to prevent overseas pdr technicians to take Australian jobs!

Now consider the following:

To prove how we were around much longer and are the original owners of our pricing schemes, we made use of the wayback machine.

The wayback machine is an archive website that provides an exact copy on that specific day of the contents of a website! Quite handy really.

Our website


Copycat website


Our website
Copycat website

So please do not support copycat and non-serious quick grab profit courses. (I personally am a trained teacher and do not use language or punctuation as follows

"..upgrade their skills able to handle all kinda dent and hail damaged car."

Claim your weekly discount and save!

Our commitment to PDR training and it's support are our top priority. Without support, very few pdr technician trainees make it into the industries. And pdr technicians is such a secretive and lucrative marker, they don't want you there! We do!

We coined the term





When you simply go onto other website and simply copy and paste exact wording not only is it copyright infringement, you don't have too much time invested for or care for your trainees.