04 Oct

Recent Course Testimonial

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About a year ago, we were approached and I arranged for a meeting with Cathie and her son Kyle who are operating as a partnership in the business (Kyle is very young). Within a few minutes I could see the potential and the correct frame of mind required to take on paintless dent removal. Kyle with support from his business partner showed all the credentials from interest, restraint and determination as well as perseveence that is required to succeed and get through that first and difficult year of paintless dent removal.

Here is a wonderful testimonial - I am overwhelmed by such thoughts - makes our jobs worthwhile to watch another business grow and likely to succeed.

In allowing this job, we took on a calculated risk but we were confident even after ONE DAY that this small job was possible and Kyle did an excellent job! Yes a one day course of the three! There are still two more to go.

3rd October 2019

Jimmy Deguara

PDR Training Australia 


We were so happy to go with PDR Training Australia because they sat down with us and provided a flexible solution that allowed us to work with a minimal budget. We just completed a one day course out of three and my son Kyle was able to not only do well in this course but Morris also helped with choice of vital tools for the practice after the course. What topped it off though was when Jimmy phoned us whether we would like to a small job! They had faith in Kyle doing the quotation of two dents and completion of the job. That's money earned that made everything worthwhile. Thanks so much Jimmy and Morris!


Kind Regards 

Cathie Erichsen

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