Customers in any business often do check business reviews and websites to see if the PDR business is legit and if good things has been suggested about the company. Are they local? What type of workmanship did they have? Do they follow on warranty? Such information is best portrayed on a website! Websites also show up in google to attract customers!

How do we get the Paintless Dent Removal Customers?

To get to the busy part, you require to get the customers and letting them know you exists. This can be done through -

  • advertising on newspapers, yellow pages, trade magazines
  • social media advertising
  • google business - that points to your website
  • your website itself.

Not having a website or one that is incomplete or not up to date does not do well for your company or business!

What do we do?

We can set up your PDR business website and other parts for you for the following fees:

Website Service Website Service CostSimple Website Design Service Pack 1Service Pack 2

Website Design - content and images, registering a domain you choose,

Website Design Gold - Website Design PLUS setting up website cost, domain name registration, research and advice, offering business usernames and passwords for your staff etc

Website Design Platinum - Simple Website Design PLUS setting up website cost, domain name registration, research and advice, training on how to maintain the website

What if I need you to update our website?

Maintaining the website starting from $30 per hour (depending on the amount of work and updates required) if we have to continue to maintain your website. This is not required every day but if pictures or prices updates or changes require to be done we offer that service.

Paintless Dent Removal Website Domain Names Available for your business This is live Replace website with your business information! We can do this for you. $400 $200 $300 $400 $100 $300 $200

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