17 Jul

Day 1 and 2 photos illustrate the introductory stages of the paintless dent repair training process - namely access points, use of tools, R & R (remove and replace), pushing dents, glue and pull, the quotation process, estimating dents, dent size and dent depth. All trainees were extremely enthusiastic and took every opportunity to gather whatever skills they could from the course! With time, trainees will grow rapidly in confidence with the support from our staff. Phillip Coutts, our head trainer, provided ample opportunities for the PDR trainees to both practice and obtain feedback as well as demonstrations. His support was timely and exceptional - and it will be required over the coming months!

On day 2, the trainee pdr technicians were able to observe Alan Oliver, a 25 year trained technician work his magic at ease! Al was one of the first technicians to train in Australia so many years ago and his experience is invaluable. Feel free to observe other images from Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.