PDR Business Setup

Ok so, we provide PDR Training? What happens next. After the course, there are crucial steps to ensure you are ready to enter the PDR industry on top of the practice that is required. In fact, when we first get enquiries, we are already looking into your future for potential business strategies.

When applying for the course, the first phone calls tells us a lot. We look at your plans and how you are going to utilise paintless dent removal skills from a business sense. Further to this, we check to see if much research has been carried out - after all, how did you hear about the paintless dent removal industry in the first place.

Who are the most common applicants?

The most common applicants are panel beaters. These rank highly in whatever their plans may be because they have access to work. Any business setups revolve around getting fed the work and panel beaters most often have the contacts. Beyond this are spray painters and mechanics. These also have auto body shops that provide various types of customers. On the increase though are car detailers who can add this as a value added service on top of their actual service. Car yard dealers contact us because they simply want to have access to simple repairers on site and not have to call. The good thing about the latter types of business is that they can almost immediately after the course use the skills of removing smaller dents which most commonly are small.

What is your best business strategy?

Well this depends on what you intend to do. In general, you should be thinking about the following:

  • where will your business be operating
  • who are your competitors and is there enough work around
  • where will your work come from
  • are you confident in approaching customers regardless of being turned away the first time
  • how confident are you in your dent repair and backing up your promised quality
  • are you prepared for a mobile operation
  • being prepared for work in a variety of conditions with varying light and comfort
  • supporting yourself financially for the   for at least 2 years of scarce work whilst you build contacts and client base
  • are ready with a business plan in terms of the financials involved eg tools you can afford, vehicle such as ute or van, insurance liability considerations
  • approach retails customers and market first before embarking on the hail industry
  • build your reputation as a good, reliable paintless dent repair technician

When getting into the paintless dent removal industry, there are two options: the retail sector (private customers and car yard work usually non-hail related) and chasing hail. In our first correspondence, we always remind applicants to not embark on hail until at least 5 years. It is also recommended that at some stage working with or under experienced paintless dent removal technicians before entering into the industry. So it goes without saying that the retail sector should be the focus whilst improving your skills in both accuracy and speed. Although you must not be too over confident, never under sell yourself. We provide pricing and you should stick close to this. Professional clients often compare pricing and may relate high prices to good quality!

Come to us with a plan when applying for training

We find the most successful trainees that make it into the industry tend to have a realistic plan in place. They know where the work is going to come from. They usually have researched about the industry, and have thought of ways to support themselves through financially.  It is fine to buy a hail dented car for practise as part of your plan. However, you must not expect to be able to buy and sell hail damaged cars at least until a few years in. Or perhaps at least have someone in the paintless dent removal industry that may be able to help out clean most of the dents.  You can give them a majority share of the pricing.


Just like any business, you need to have planned most aspects of your entry into the industry or at least seek advice on what to do. Know or research the PDR industry including its strengths and limitations. More advanced and helpful information is available on our PDR eBook. It may be the best $49 you ever spent as it is written from experienced in the industry. There are very few useful resources covering the PDR industry online.

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