09 Jul
Guys hard at work!

0707jd39 Day 3 and the boys are concentrating on side doors and quarter panels! For most learning in this industry, this is probably the hardest thing to learn because it is "looking sideways". There are specific tools that are used for doors and others can be used for quarter panels. The boot has to be tied up with a special jam lock. 0707jd38We just had a vehicle brought in with large hail dents! Interestingly, the hail dents tell a story as to where in respect to the storm the hail fell. It was on the edge of what was a supercell thunderstorm - hailstones were probably about 6-7cm in diameter and the hail fell without much in the way of wind!0707jd40 The other picture shows cracked plastic and a dent that would be difficult to repair due to being on the edge of the panel! 0707jd49

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