11 Jul

We at PDR Training Australia are proud to announce in conjunction with our partners a the Job Scholarship Program. One component that we have striven to work on for many years now was to get PDR Technicians we train into the work arena. This proved difficult so we looked for special conditions for applicants that we felt had links that would maximise their chances. Well now we have broken a new barrier to enter into the industry!!!

Now this is no longer a stress as this program will provide an incentive and opportunity to prospective applicants. You have a chance not only to set up your own business but to work as part of a team of professionals who can provide advanced training to the extent that you are earning an income very soon within the advanced training period.

To be eligible and of course you require to satisfy the following attributes and conditions:


  • Minimum 3 Day PDR Course and certificate from PDR Training Australia
  • good eye sight
  • eye for detail
  • perseverance
  • experience with vehicles
  • willing to work well in a team environment
  •  work under a contract scheme (apply for details)
  • loyal
  • can push at minimum clean small dents cleanly (very close to 100% quality within a few minutes time frame)


  • Organised with general paper work
  • Willing to quote as part of the initial setup
  • Can think outside of the box
  • flexible with hours
  • work long hours
  • can work for 7 days at a time
  • willing to work in varying conditions
  • willing to work away from home
  • can cope with seasonal work atypical of this industry
  • can work in various climatic conditions

If wish to be considered as part of the program and have done at least a 3 Day PDR Course with PDR Training Australia, and you feel you have the above attributes, feel free to contact Jimmy Deguara on 0408020468.

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