15 Apr
Violent Hailstorm Approaches
Violent Hailstorm Approaches

Canberra Hailstorm Damage

If you have recently had a vehicle damaged by hailstones (including Canberra) and are living in Sydney, feel free to contact us for a quotation of the vehicle. We have two repairer PDR technicians that can assist in your enquiries. However, please ensure that if the vehicle is a write-off it has been done so for a reason. Some cars cannot simply be repaired using PDR and many if not most of the Canberra vehicles cannot be repaired by PDR. Asking for, and then expecting quotes over the phone, for Canberra vehicles or any extensively hail damaged vehicles are not reasonable. Cars require to observed in person under special lights and then it is up to the customer to see what they wish to be repaired and pay accordingly.

Please contact 0408020468 for a hail quotation any suburb in Sydney - we have a location to repair the vehicles.

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