18 Jul

Having been associated with this industry for six years, I have not seen one female PDR Technician in Australia. Not yet anyway! So why is this still male dominated?

Perhaps because this industry has spread on a friend by friend basis over the years and remained low key for so long. It is about time that women get involved in this very rewarding industry.

What is a PDR Technician and what is paintless dent repair?

PDR technicians repair panels damage by hail without removing the paint. Using specialised leverage tools, PDR Technicians massage the dents into a smooth finish. Of course there is more involved but generally, this field is so rewarding! PDR Technicians are hail chasers - roaming around the country chasing hailstorms ready to repair vehicles damaged in the hail! Because of the randomness of hailstorms, you get to visit places you may have otherwise never visited! And of course it is an international career with opportunities to work in Australia, Europe, United States, South Africa, Canada and even New Zealand! Furthermore, being a new field, you are going to one of, if not the first of the women to enter this field!

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