01 Nov

Allow Us to Work with you!

PDR Training Australia run courses have evolved over many years and with your employment, business and PDR transition in mind! We understand people cannot afford to take time off work or off their business. We understand that jumping ship into the paintless dent removal is a daunting task. So we made the transition simple and painless!

So why train with us?

  1. We run PDR courses 7 days a week
  2. We run PDR courses 365 days per year
  3. Our PDR Courses are available Australia wide!
  4. We can come to you or you come to us!
  5. We can split days even one day at a time or 2 days at a time – allowing for easing of payment strategies, flexibility with work commitments and not impacting those who have an ongoing business.
  6. We are dedicated to your PDR Training. We DO NOT operate our PDR courses whilst we repair hail and your are on the side double dipping. Our courses are dedicated with trainers with you throughout.
  7. Our courses have originally designed curriculum based on years of trial and error to come to the correct ways of PDR Training!
  8. We provide our PDR eBook LIFETIME membership worth $59 aimed at the secrets of the PDR Industry FREE of charge with any PDR course
  9. We provide the online PDR Course worth $80 FREE of charge with any PDR Course
Ask for our 20% discount specials! Call Jimmy 0408020468

365 Day Support and Beyond

Having done courses with us, the trainers are partnered with you offering themselves as a support person. It is inevitable with any short course in PDR that issues will arise after the course. Without the trainer around you may get into a few different habits or strike a dent that was approached incorrectly or was slightly different to one in the course. Ir it may something as advice on R and R (removal and replacement of parts to access dents)

Support involves…

  • Phone calls for advice on how to techniques for dents
  • Reminders on procedures
  • Solving the approach to a dent
  • even simply support and encouragement on how good the dent was before and after shots
  • Some trainers if in your area may arrange to pop by to provide a couple of hours watching you or working with you
  • Trainers through your negotiation of payment may be asked to team up with you on a hail damaged vehicle – this can be used as an incentive to work on vehicles.