17 Aug

Craigieburn Hail Storm 13th August 2022

All over the news listed as the Mother of All Hailstorms, a blanket of hail carpeted the northern suburbs of Melbourne namely Craigieburn. As cold upper air came over, it did not take much lower level heating to allow for storms to produce hail. Because of the amount of cold air, the precipitation would have been mostly hail falling. This results in a carpet of hail cover over the streets and vehicles.


In terms of damage, it seems the threshold of noticeable hail dent damage seems to be about 2.5cm. However, modern vehicle panel gauge thickness has decreased to the point that hail can cause damage with smaller hailstones. If you require a hail dent inspection, please contact us 0408020468. Very minor damage is very difficult to see and there may be owners driving vehicles without knowledge their vehicles have been damaged.

The cost for hail repair if damage occurred is not high but please allow us to check the vehicle under special lights and trained eyes.

Authur Jimmy Deguara