29 Feb

Can you learn Paintless Dent Removal in 3 Days?

Learn PDR
Learn PDR

Well, depends what you mean learn! We can teach the techniques and it is then the hard yards the pdr technician trainee puts into practice that will determine this answer.

It so happens that in July 2019, we trained one of our trainee in a 3 day PDR course. He excelled in the course but nevertheless, it was the intense practice after the PDR 3 Day One-On-One Course that he was able master these skills.

But you can't do hail after a PDR 3 Day Course?

Absolutely and we never advertise this. So getting back to the story above, he was invited to assist in a hail job - yes that's 7 months after the course he was invited to do a hail job with the trainer sharing in proceeds of the job! Yes he got paid! In 47 degrees searing heat on this Saturday, he was able to complete clean dents on a whole roof except one more difficult dent which the trainer was able to clean up. This particular case provides evidence that the 3 Day Course can be effective in getting you into the industry if:

  • you practice regularly an hour or two each day would be great but at least several hours over each week
  • practice on a whole car NOT just a bonnet after all you are repairing any parts of a whole car
  • keep in touch with us - we welcome feedback and contact because it provides feedback about our courses and how our trainees are going. But most of all, it can save your career if you are at that critical stage of giving up!


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