PDR Training Australia does not need to sell PDR Training - it sells itself. PDR Training Australia has operated since 2009 with excellent satisfaction by all for our training and support services!

These are the reasons why!

  1. Knowledge of PDR! Few people who are exposed to paintless dent removal techniques and PDR Technicians actually know what it is! Period! Those in the know are usually the first to sign up for a course!
  2. Earnings! Those who have done sufficient research or have been in contact with any PDR Technician know the potential earnings!  We provide a realistic outlook with honesty and integrity into the prospects of doing paintless dent removal!
  3. Opportunity! Rarely is there such an excellent business opportunity to invest in like PDR! Look at the contractural and investment outlay in other businesses including franchises 100s of thousands of dollars. Paintless dent removal is much safer overall - you could get started for as a low as 5 to 7 thousand dollars. If your venture fails, you are not in financial ruins!
  4. Investment. This is a long term investment and one that can provide major dividends if done right!
  5. Business or job! This is not just a job. You are investing into a business (usually sole trader)! You can contract with others if you wish. This is exciting because you get to build your own enterprise! No one needs to tell you what to do! And it is so flexible and can provide great potential!
  6. Demand and Supply! Good PDR Technicians are in short supply! Once you get your skills up to the right level and can prove you are accurate and fast at doing dents, then you are most likely in demand! Be warned though, the longer you wait to sign up for a course, the further down the list of others that get in first!
  7. Confidence! When we run courses, we are confident that each trainee will push at least one good dent on the first day of the course! We find this is when trainees relax and appreciate their investment!
  8. Quality of Life! Have you come across a PDR Technician who is not well off and well dressed with a brand spanking new fully equipped ute, the most expensive sun glasses and full tool kit! Why can't this be you!

Why not sign up for your future paintless dent removal business!