06 Apr

0405jd01 0405jd02 0405jd03 0405jd04 0405jd05 0405jd06 0405jd07 0405jd08 0405jd09 0405jd10 0405jd11 0405jd12 0405jd13 0405jd14 0405jd15 0405jd16 0405jd17 0405jd18 0405jd19 0405jd20 0405jd21 0405jd22 0405jd23 0405jd24 0405jd25 0405jd26 0405jd27 0405jd28Last day - assessment. Some nerves naturally on the day but the guys did very well in the time frame they were provided. This was no a test but more a guide on the real world vehicle repair and also to see what tools were to be used in different situations together with the most ideal access points.

Phillip Coutts also arrived a little while later and provided some training on the concept of buffing the most difficult dents to blend in. The traditional BBQ followed and you guessed it - Jimmy forgot the tomato sauce! Thanks to Imelda my wife for cooking for these hungry participants!

Congratulations to all participants and best if luck for the future. A special thanks to Richard for the training and also Phillip for providing tools. Remember, do not hesitate to attend any of our courses because you don't have or cannot afford tools. We will always provide them whenever necessary.