These selection of courses are One Trainer with You (or your friends). *

*The prices below are if you come to our trainers in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney - add $1200 for us to come to your location.  Group PDR Courses are also available for $2900!

Book using the Calendar and Form below or click the correct course

Go to One-on-One Course - $3500
Go to One-on-Two Course - $5500 (between 2  - $2750 each)
Go to One-on-Three Course   - $6500 (between 3 - $2166 each)

Remember to click on first and last preferred date. (For One-on-One Course choose 3 days - all other courses are generally 5 days - please contact Jimmy to book 5 Day One-on-Two or One-on-Three or advanced PDR Courses). 

If you are ready to book dates or pay a deposit go to STEP 1 below.

If you still wish to ask further questions or have any enquiries, or don't understand how to use the calendar call Jimmy on 0408020468

Booking Instructions Below. You can pay the deposit or 10% for 1 Day, 2 Day or 3 Day PDR Courses as suggested below. (Please note that both 1 or 2 Day PDR Courses do not acquire certificates BUT do count towards the 3 Day certified PDR Course. For any balance owing payments, please contact Jimmy for bank transfer information).

Step 1: Choose the required dates (1 Day, 2 Day or 3 Day)

Step 2: Fill in the form below and security code

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Step 4: An email should be sent to confirm the completed process.

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Try our new Form Questionnaire Wizard to help guide us in helping you or simply call Jimmy 0408020468

PDR Training Questionnaire

Your Employment or Business Information

What type of Course do you require?

How Flexible are you with days of the week?

Eye sight and age

This gives information to assist in directing the courses and providing useful advice

  • Personal Information
  • Your Employment or Business Information
  • What type of Course do you require?
  • How Flexible are you with days of the week for your courses?
  • Eye sight and age

Name and Job Title

What is your full name?

Phone Number

Email Address

What state do you live?

What city or suburb do you live?

Your gender

Type of Occupation

What is the reason you are doing PDR Training?

Type of Occupation

Do you operate your own business

Information regarding PDR and Job Status

Have you got a job to support you whilst you develop your PDR business

How much time do you have for practice?

How did you hear about Paintless Dent Removal as a career?

What type of PDR Course best suites you?

What type of PDR Course best suites you?

Urgency for a course and flexibilty in dates

How urgent are you for a PDR Course

How flexible are you with days of the week and

First Date Available for a course

Eye sight and Age Information

How good is your eye sight? (Important for PDR)

Generally what is your age?

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