All PDR course pricing are listed on this page. Of course, these courses require at least 2 or more people to be booked in the same course. If this proves difficult, then feel free to join one of our One–on-One Paintless Dent Removal Courses.
PDR Training car severely damaged
PDR Training car severely damaged
Paintless Dent Removal Group Courses with a fixed price of $2900, are pre-arranged courses on a specific set of dates in either Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide with other trainees (usually minimum 2 to a maximum of 6) and one (or two trainers). Unfortunately since the One-on-One PDR Courses were introduced, the group courses have been superceded. There are no other differences in the skills taught in all courses. The main difference is personal preference in trainer with one or several trainees. If you want custom courses where it is you and / or someone you know with one trainer, please check out our One-on-One Paintless Dent Removal Courses.
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