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PDR (or paintless dent removal) is the art of removing dents without repainting to maintain the original factory paint.
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mitchell davis
mitchell davis
Great experience with friendly and kind people. Would highly recommend
Dennis W
Dennis W
Thanks Jimmy for following up and my trainer Morris is very professional, seeking for perfection, and pushing the boundary of my skills. I have absolutely enjoyed my entire 12 days training with PDR Training & Hail Dent Repair. Highly recommended to anyone who is ready for career change.
Michael Bimrose
Michael Bimrose
Just completed Paintless Dent Removal with Mark in Melbourne. Extensive knowledge of the PDR Systems and general know how. I have had some experience but wanted to upgrade my capabilities. Big shout out to Jimmy and Mark for a very good experience.
John Smith
John Smith
The PDR training 12 Day course I enrolled was well set out for my level and I liked the way they had different skills each day. They allowed me to wok on my car too which I was more motivate. Thanks Morris - can’t wait to join your network Johnny
Peter Bell
Peter Bell
Had my car damaged in a hailstorm earlier this year and got my car repaired by Hail Dent Repair. Serg did an awesome job - I honestly could not see where the damage was especially on the roof and cant-rail that were hammered. Thanks guys! All dents gone and cleaned on return.
Brendon Simmons
Brendon Simmons
I highly recommend PDR Training Australia, they are professionals through and through. If you are looking for PDR training and go with these guys, you will be happy. Thanks guys.
Noah Biggles
Noah Biggles
I attended training in Adelaide and found they were knowledgeable professionals, who make learning easy in a friendly environment.
Dylan Bromley
Dylan Bromley
Would highly recommend, I spent two days with pdr training and learnt way over my expectations I had for the days. 5 star
Lester Edgar
Lester Edgar
I think I want to go to Australia to study in PDR

Dedicated One-on-One Courses

This is just a simple text made for the demos to show the available features.
This is just a simple text made for the demos to show the available features.

Flexibility in Pricing and Structure

This is just a simple text made for the demos to show the available features.

We Train All Year Round

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Who Have We Trained in PDR?

We welcome any applicant to simply try our certificate PDR courses – we can train anyone from bankers to mechanics, car detailers, spray painters and of course panel beaters!

We’re Connected to Help You All the Time

We have direct connections with the PDR Industry and programs unfolding to enable PDR Trainees (at the various stages of development) scholarship style employment in the ever-changing PDR Industry.

  • One-on-One PDR Courses

    We were the first to provide dedicated custom One-on-One PDR Courses
  • FREE continued support

    We were the first to provide support for both repairing dents and also business concepts.
  • PDR Industry Connections

    On top of support of your business, we continue to expand existing pathways to business and work experience programs.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

Want to change your careers​

Do you hate your boss

Not earning enough money

Dirty work

Three main techniques are use:


There are a few common questions that are asked so here is a summary on how courses work

How long are your PDR Courses?
Courses vary from 1 day taster courses to 28 days full advanced Masterclass PDR Course
Are there loans or payment plans available?
Yes and we have worked hard to provide these opportunities of doing PDR! We understand and take seriously the pressures of the increasing cost of living! So our partners have teamed us with us closely to accommodate Train Now Pay Later options Apply for the 3 Day, 5 Day or 6 Day course… Apply for the 12 to 28 Day PDR Course… As per usual these are offered to assist people - please read the terms and conditions before committing
Are your courses available on the weekends
Absolutely! For many years now we have said yes as much as possible to accommodate the needs our trainees and this is why they have appreciated what we have done for them on top of the support. Our courses: can be done over weekends can be split on a day by day circumstance our courses are designed to be very flexible to fit your needs - we like to say yes as much as possible
I am a female - can I do PDR?
Absolutely! There is nothing more satisfying than to have our female applicants graduating into a male dominated industry. There is no physical reason that would prevent females from entering the PDR industry! And like other similar industries, the PDR industry is welcoming more and more females.

You will learn all you require in PDR in the traditional methodology:

The whole course is practical, no theory required just hands on.

How much does a PDR technician earn?​

This is simply the industry. In the whole of its relatively short history as a commercial trade, PDR Technicians have been secretly moving about earning literally thousands – I have seen $90,000 between two technicians for one-two months work! We have had a massive influx of applicants wanting to do PDR Training since the Melbourne hailstorm particularly from PDR Technicians closest counterparts – panel beaters – they also realise the massive difference between their wages and PDR Technicians – there is simply no comparison!

How do I get into this trade?

Simple! PDR Training is your first entry point into this unique industry we call paintless dent repair or paintless dent removal. You need to take that first step and persevere to realise this potential! You hold yourself back, you probably will regret it!

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