Thank you for any payments made so far and welcome to the world of paintless dent repair. We hope your experience is one of success and anticipation. We hope you can persevere through the course and practice in the months and years to come.

PDR Training will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to contact Jimmy Deguara on 0408020468 to let him know of your status in terms of payments and for further updates.

For custom courses, if a full payment is made, then you will be put into contact with a PDR trainer.

For Group courses, this is done much closer to the event and once we know the course will run i.e. sufficient numbers. A full 100% refund is made for any courses that are not run. Please DO NOT take any leave until we have ensured the course goes ahead. Even then, any leave you take or other expenses is at your own risk. The nature of this industry is very unpredictable and PDR Technicians can make themselves unavailable at any time due to the more lucrative hail repair industry. But don't be too alarmed as PDR Training has been able to run courses without issues and the trainees have given more than incredible feedback over the past several years since running courses.

For those eagerly waiting weeks and months out of excitement, feel free to become a member of PDR eBook  ( This provides so extensive information that was kept secret to the rest of the business world for so long. There are over 83 pages of useful information assisting in decision making, business setup strategies, PDR techniques, phone apps and software specific to the PDR industry,  what pricing to charge and pricing sheets, videos, pictures and diagrams all to enhance your entry into the industry. Please note this is not an assessment and theory booklet. It is a reading magazine specifically designed for  the pdr technician and at a level for them to easily understand and feel comfortable in reading at their leisure.

For $49, it provides a lifetime of updates. This resource was voted by one reader who gone right around the world in terms of research as "one of the best and clearly written resources in the world"!

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Jimmy Deguara

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