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Terms and Conditions

By proceeding into the PDR Course purchase you are accepting the terms and conditions herein. For the purpose of this document,

-  trainer(s) is one or more PDR trainers who have been offered to

- trainee(s) are (usually paid) clients that apply to be trained or attend training sessions

- third parties are those other than Jimmy Deguara owner of Stormlink, the trainer or the trainee

- pdr training otherwise known as paintless dent removal training is a course that aims to teach skills that assists trainees to develop repair techniques of pushing or pulling dents without the requirement of removal of paint.

- PDR Training is owned and operated by Jimmy Deguara under Stormlink via the website www.pdrtraining.com.au

Before we proceed - Eye Sight Requirements

1. It is a requirement and recommendation that Trainee(s) have good eye sight or corrected eye sight using the appropriate prescribed spectacles (if required when tested) by an approved optomitrist.  Unfortunately, those with insufficient eye sight usually cannot complete dent repairs at sufficient 90 to 100% detail. Once attending the PDR Course, we assume that you have good eye sight and no refunds cane forwarded resulting from insufficient sys sight.

PDR Course Terms and Conditions

1. PDR Training under Stormlink organises PDR technicians as contractors for the training of skills involving with paintless dent removal (also known as paintless dent repairs). PDR Training or Stormlink is NOT responsible for any misadventure, disagreements or late arrival not communicated prior to the course. For instance, occasionally, trainees may for some reason on some or all days not be able to arrive until 9am. It is not a requirement of the trainer to provide additional time to make up for the loss of time unless pre-arranged prior to the course.

2. PDR Training attempts to provide trainers with extensive previous experience in paintless dent removal of at least 5 years or more within the PDR industry.

3. Most trainers have either been trained under PDR Training previously or provided their own training in the past. In some cases, they may show sufficient evidence of an understanding of the industry and the required techniques in training or may be referred by other parties who have observed their work and related skills and competencies within the PDR industry.

4. Deposit and full payment refund conditions

(i) Money that is paid as a deposit or in full is refundable fully if the course is not able to run before the course is set in place. This will be communicated to the trainee usually via email.

(ii) No refunds are offered once the course date is set to run or the within two weeks (14 days) of the proposed course commencement dates. Communication of the course actually running and the appropriate dates will be communicated to all parties enrolled into that course or to other prospective clients if there are places available.

(iii) If for any reasons the trainee(s) are not able to complete the course due to insufficient skills or progress appropriate for paintless dent removal training, course fees on a daily pro-rata basis may be refundable.

(iv) Additional expenses including fees or expenses directly related to the trainer or PDR Training under Stormlink are NOT refundable unless all expenses and fees (including accommodation, hiring of the venue and airfares) can be acquired without loss.

5. Once fees are paid in full (or sometimes a deposit), PDR Training under Stormlink usually provides details for both trainee and trainer to be in contact. Furthermore, details as to the location of the venue may be provided by the trainer and/or PDR Training under Stormlink.

6. Each trainee may be required to obtain their own tools at the request of the trainer running the course. Any tools purchased may be arranged through PDR Training (Stormlink) or the trainer are provided warranties by the suppliers. There may be small commissions eared as a result of the sales. Unless otherwise stated, warranties, transportation, insurance and handling of the tools normally rests with the suppliers.

7. PDR training course fees usually DO NOT include tools and unless otherwise pre-arranged must be purchased separately. PDR and other associated tools may be purchased through PDR Training, the trainee or from other tool providers. It is usually a requirement to have tools prior to the course.

8. Any use of tools belonging to the trainer is at their own risk basis and any terms and conditions or fees related to the tools is an agreement set between trainee and trainer.

9. Because of the variable nature of the paintless dent removal industry, it is never certain even close to the event if a course will run. Although we take every measure to run courses and have a proven history in running courses in the past, PDR Training or Stormlink cannot guarantee all future courses will run and therefore is NOT responsible for any leave or expenses incurred as a result of the course. Any course related fees are fully refunded if the course does not run (lack of numbers, a hailstorm makes trainers unavailable, etc).

10. In order to assist in the 1st year of practical experience, previous trainees may attend any group training course for ONE day to get some form of  advice and observation about their progress. This offer is valid within ONE calendar year from the first day of their PDR Training courses organised by Stormlink. Note PDR Training under Stormlink cannot guarantee PDR group courses will run within this calendar year.

11. Any further training such as advanced training or on-the-job training with any of the trainers may incur costs and may be arranged under Stormlink or the trainer after the course.

12. Training, unless otherwise re-arranged, runs from 8am to 5pm. Courses are usually 5 days of paintless dent removal training that teachers the minimum required skills. Some trainers offer 3 days for One-on-One training as it has been demonstrated that 3 days is more than sufficient to teach skills to one person in most circumstances. Any training offered or negotiated between the trainee and trainer is on a good will basis and is not part of any contractual agreement.

13. Although some previous trainees have moved on from one course and begun businesses, these courses are meant to be an introduction to the skills required for the PDR industry. Paintless dent removal does offer a career change although this is not a job but more of a business. Entering the industry is not the focus of our PDR training courses although

14,  Courses are mostly practical hands on training with a few explanations such as paintless dent removal techniques and dent recognition skills. Any theory related to the industry is generally not covered in these PDR Training courses. Although not essential, it is good practice to attain knowledge about the PDR Techniques and the PDR industry. An up to date and expanding resource provided online in the form of the PDR eBook.

15. PDR Training under Stormlink does encourage constructive feedback. It is commonplace for trainees to be enthusiastic to complete such a course so complaints are extremely rare or non-existent. Given we would like to encourage trainees to enjoy their experience in our courses, any validated complaints or concerns should be forwarded to Jimmy Deguara - contact provided below. Matters may require to be discussed with the trainer if the complaint is related directly or indirectly to the trainer.

16. Occupational, Health and Safety (OH & S) is encouraged by PDR Training (Stormlink) but is the sole responsibility of the trainer including their licensed premises or place of training. If you have any further queries about the training and the associated safety procedures, feel free to communicate this with the trainer once fees are paid.

17. PDR Training or Stormlink only offers services that assists in acquiring trainees and course scheduling as well as theoretical information including the PDR eBook.

18. Certification of Attainment and an assessment schedule may be provided by the trainer and/or Stormlink. This certification is not a guarantee of employment not does it provide evidence of qualifications to enter into the industry. PDR Training or the trainer are in a position to provide evidence if required to any third parties that the said trainee has participated in a pdr training course during the specified period of time. Upon request from the trainee, PDR Training and in particular the trainer may be contacted to act on behalf of the trainee as a reference as to the skills level and competencies in the event of employment or further advanced training with third parties.

19. PDR Training arranges training to assist in developing the appropriate skills in paintless dent removal. Each person perhaps due to background pre-requisites and previous may develop and master skills are their own pace. Upon completion of the course, practical training is encouraged to improve and refine these skills and efficiency. The course is NOT an endorsement of employment with any employer directly or indirectly related to the industry.

20. Although the trainer or PDR Training may communicate some laws that may exist in the industry, it is the sole responsibility of the trainee to research of any required licenses, associated laws and industry standards. PDR Training does not provide any license to enter into the industry nor endorse graduates from the PDR courses to work on vehicles of other parties.

Code of Conduct

PDR Training under Stormlink full endorses appropriate procedures and conduct under the the appropriate State and Federal laws governing fairness and equality. This includes both the trainer and trainee.

Jimmy Deguara

11 Rosecrea Court

Glenmore Park

NSW 2745

Phone: 0408020468

Email: [email protected]



Privacy Policy

PDR Training under Stormlink takes extreme care to adhere to stringent privacy policy procedures.

1. All personal or contact information about trainees and trainers may be collected via electronic (such as contact forms or emails), other forms of media or phone conversations.

2. Every measure is taken to keep information collected from trainees and trainers secure and confidential and used only for internal use associated with PDR training and PDR tool sales including print out of hardcopies. No information is communicated to third parties or organisations without the prior consent of the trainee and trainer.

3. Occasionally, promotions, news of upcoming events, changes to the industry, new tools and technologies may be provided via emails or on the websites. Any person may wish to opt out at any time from these contact procedures.

4. It is a requirement for appropriate details collected from a trainee such as contact phone numbers and name to be communicated to the trainer. If there are any issues and requirements that need to be met, it requires to be communicated prior to or during the payment process or as soon as such situations are known to arise.

5. Under a few circumstances, training may be organised at the premises of the trainee. This is solely an agreement between the trainer and the trainee and details such as address may require to be provided or exchanged upon request of the trainee and/or trainer.

6. Every effort is made by PDR Training to keep accurate and up to date records of the trainee and trainer.

7. Except in exceptional circumstances, information collected about the trainee and in association with their components of the training course such as assessment records and certificates can be requested in writing. No such records or information will be provided to third parties without written request by the trainee providing instruction to do so. Every avenues is made to meet such requirements promptly but within reasonable timing.


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