5 Day PDR Course


The 5 Day PDR Course is the original minimum required certified course in paintless dent removal that covers both pushing dents and glue pulling dent techniques. Of course, trainees are introduced into estimating dent count, depth and size of dents, and of course quotation techniques. This {DR course is aimed for both an introduction for those new to the automative repair industry and those that are experienced (although panel beaters and painters are often encouraged to do the 3 day PDR Course.


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PDR One-on-One 5 Day Course

Outline of PDR Training Course

The 5 Day PDR course covering a rich curriculum in using tools both pushing dents and glue pulling skills, using a light, access points, dent count, dent density, various types of quotations, recognising damage amongst the few.

Who should apply?

Detailers, Bumper Bar Specialist repairers, Scratch Repairers, Touch-Up guys and apprentice Panel Beaters and Spray Painters need those extra 2 days this course offers over the 3 days because of their experience working with metals.

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$4500 + GST

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Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adealide and Perth and host of other locations – contact us for more information 0408020468.

Certified PDR Training Course
Certified PDR Training Course


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