12 Day PDR Course


12 Day PDR Course


12 Day PDR Course

The most recent addition in the past few years, and rapidly becoming popular, the 12 Day PDR Course offers the best opportunity to break into the paintless dent removal industry with that much needed connection and  potential financial support. Similar to an apprenticeship, this course allows for actual jobs to be worked upon in between training providing that much needed industry experience and some earnings. The 12 Day PDR Course program offers many advanced skills not possible in other courses with shorter time frames including very large dents, complex dents, creases, visiting car dealerships, dealing with customers, quoting their vehicles and repairing their vehicles.

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The 12 Day PDR Advanced One-on-One Course

Outline of PDR Training Course

The 12 Day PDR course covers a rich curriculum in using tools both Pushing Dents and Glue Pulling module skills, but at a more advanced level with complex dents and creases. It was aimed at introducing more advanced techniques and situation at an affordable rate and flexible structure with more days available.  On top of the complexity of the dents and glue pulling, it also introduces real jobs from customers and both trainee and trainer working on the project together. Also covered is a day looking for work such as car yards and sampling tools can help break up the monotony. We guard our curriculum tightly as it has been approved by courses covered by insurance companies.

This course has been specific designed to cover all skills from other courses (3 Day, 5 Day and 6 Day Courses) including complex dents, creases, very large dents, use of hot box and shrinking machine. It covers both steel and aluminium and provides the opportunity to observe medium damaged vehicles particularly hail and how to interpret each job and problem solving. It also introduces the trainee to the real job market be it hailstorm (work environment, car yards, auctions whatever is available) meeting customers at the premises and also going out to meet customers. Quoting applications and quotation systems including coverage and introduction to insurance work are covered.

The curriculum to this course is provided on application and request and not made public as it was built and perfected over several years. We guard our curriculum tightly as it has been approved by courses covered by insurance companies.

Who should apply?

Anyone who wishes to aim for the hail repair market including Panel Beaters and Spray Painters can advance their skills and experience working with metals as well as PDR technicians who have been out of the industry for quite a few years or require to be up-skilled to the next level.

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$9000 + GST

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Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adealide and Perth and host of other locations – contact us for more information 0408020468.

Certified PDR Training Course
Certified PDR Training Course


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