PDR Training Australia operates Australia wide! We can either come to you (additional cost of about $1200) or you can come to us (no extra charges). If we come to you, the advantage is you can continue to operate your premises if you are a business. You don't need to travel, book accommodation etc. leave that to us. Training is available for $1000 for an introduction to paintless dent removal! For the first time, this will allow people to get a taste to the techniques of paintless dent removal with an opportunity to gain credit to the more advanced PDR courses below.

More substantial training is available at higher prices for those wanting to go for the more advanced and business end of the spectrum.

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We can be reached on 0408020468 7 Days a week! If the phone is not picked up immediately, leave us your contact details so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

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Remember to click on first and last preferred date. (For One-on-One Course choose 3 days - all other courses are generally 5 days).

Leave the hassles to us! We even provide tools for the courses to reduce the stress and hassles. We can also work out what tools that require to be sold through our PDR Tools shop or the other PDR Tools Shop.

We have proven experience in PDR Training and have been operational since 2009. We also have the best online PDR eBook resources. Feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation chat about our courses and what we can offer for you.