Paintless Dent Removal Tools

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paintless dent removal tools aco2
paintless dent removal tools

For Paintless Dent Repair tool shops we supply:

Go to  PDR Tools Shop

Ultradent Tools Shop Australia

Dentcraft Tools Shop Australia

Paintless Dent Removal Tools


PDR eBook:  Not sure about a Paintless Dent Training Course yet. Learn more about the PDR industry and techniques

Setting up in the Storm PDR Training Course Setting up in the Storm PDR Training CourseDon't get into the PDR Industry unprepared - purchase the eBook for only $49. The PDR eBook is an essential component of information that assists people in preparing their business plans and set up procedures in entering the paintless dent removal industry.
aco2 aco1PDR Training can now recommend PDR tools with any particular course. We can also provide PDR tools for any PDR Technician that may be looking for tools. PDR Tools - Online Shop that you can order Smart Repair tools to be delivered basically within 24 hours if tools are in stock. There are tools that are useful for first time PDR Technicians or those wanting tools for training. Order Smart Repair Tools Online Now

Ultradent Tools

We also ship Ultradent Tools - Online Shop that ships Ultradent Tools. It also has training kits specifically for PDR courses and for the further training. Order Ultradent PDR Tools online now

Finally, we sell Dentcraft PDR Tools. With Ultradent, Dentcraft is up there with the most popular world wide brands in the industry. Professional PDR Technicians side with either of these two.

It is best to order and provide address and payment details or you can choose PayPal if you wish. The following are a sample of the types of tools we sell. Click on the shop links above to order or click on the Ultradent Shop Link here.

PDR tools Ultradent_upholstery_clip_removal_tool_a28
PDR tools
PDR tools ultradent_wurth_oval_pull_tab_a79
PDR tools ultradent_ultra_slide_hammer_a34sa
PDR tools
PDR tools ultradent_uitem_root_beer_sharp_punch_with_magent_a25u
Tap down
PDR tools ultradent_torx_and_allen_combo_set_a17
PDR tools
paintless dent removal tools ultradent_ultra_bonnet_rack_a14a
Paintless dent removal stand
PDR tools ultradent_Stainless Felted Window Shield_A18
Window protector
PDR tools ultradent_quarter_inch_rope_ratchet_8_ft_a32
PDR tools ultradent_plastic_punch_with_magnet_a25
Tap down
paintless dent removal tools ultradent_glue_gun_12v_with_9_inch_chord_a69dc
paintless dent removal tools
PDR tools ultradent_door_set_set_7
PDR tools
PDR tools ultradent_a24_curved_plastic_wedge
Window wedge
PDR tools ultradent_52_inch_Bertha_rod_45_degrees_3_inch_bullet_5802_flat
PDR tools
PDR tools ultradent_30_inch_softtip_double_bend_90_degrees_softip_st3803_001
PDR tools ultradent_20_inch_flaretip_ft05
PDR tools
PDR tools ultradent_12_inch_flaretip_ft157
RodPDR tools ultradent_12_inch_12v-LED_Ultra_Portable_Mini_a43led3_straight_-006

PDR lights

PDR tools ultradent_10_sticks_black_pdr_glue_a72
Glue sticks
PDR tools ultradent_6_pc_screw_on_tip_set_extensions_softtip_a44
PDR tools
paintless dent removal tools ultradent_6_inch_flare_tip_ft012
paintless dent removal tools
PDR tools Ultradent_5_Piece_Pick_Set_set_05
PDR tools
PDR tools ultradent_3_piece_drill_set_a16b
tapered drill
PDR tools ultradent_3_8ths_inch_plug_flush_blk_plastic_a40
PDR plugs
PDR tools ultradent_0.25_inch_plug_flush_blk_plastic_a39
PDR tools ultradent_ Hail_rod_S_hook_a109
S hook
PDR tools torx_and_allen_combo_set_a17
PDR tools
paintless dent removal tools 3_piece_drill_set_a16b
paintless dent removal tools

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