Paintless Dent Removal Tools:

Ultradent_5_Piece_Pick_Set_set_05ultradent_30_inch_softtip_double_bend_90_degrees_softip_st3803_001We do provide tools for those who are not able to provide for the course. It is recommended to purchase your own tools but don't be concerned if you can't. After the course though, trainees would have to order tools to use for practice. We give you sufficient advice during the course and try keeping the cost down but at the same time purchasing sufficient tools to get you started.  Starter kits are available for purchase if you wish to purchase tools prior to the course. Do not spend money for a full kit which can be upwards of $5000 as it is not required by most technicians until later when you are well into several years training. light_source_identified_more_dent_on_roof Visit If you prefer Ultradent Tools, then check the  Ultradent Tools Online Shop.

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