Have dents on your vehicle?

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Car damaged in a recent hailstorm? Shopping trolley dents? Need your car repaired for hail damage? Please contact 0408020468 and I will try forwarding you to a repairer in your area. Or feel free to send your details and pictures of dent damage via an SMS. Always place a coin of comparable size next to the dents to help. Please note that estimates are not done over the phone but when cars are placed under special lights.

Contact Jimmy Deguara 0408020468

Cost for Hail Dents?

Yes great question! Very difficult to ascertain over a phone call - the best we can do even if you send pictures is an estimate. Is it below or above the excess can be best answered if we see the car under lights and pick out at least as many dents as possible. Insurance companies requires 100% clean repairs and that is what we must quote. Please note even with paintless dent removal repairs, the average quotation is of the order of $3000 but can vary from a few hundred for only a few dents to even $6000 to $8000 in severe cases or even higher for luxury vehicles. But please do not make your own assessment, our quotations are free and there are no obligations. We are simply here to assist in explaining the process and also trying to do what we do best - repair your vehicle.

Of course there are situations where people are not insured or for whatever reason don't want claim under insurance. Sometimes, that is viable, other times it is more feasible to simply make a claim.

Once again simply contact Jimmy 0408020468

Average Repair Time and Hail Repair Process

Most vehicles take 5 to 7 days to repair thoroughly in our workshop. We ask that vehicles be dropped off and then picked up according to the date suggested. Obviously, if parts require to be replaced windscreens, broken lights, damaged window moulds etc., these will be attended to accordingly ensuring compliance with the industry code of practice and road safety standards. Customer satisfaction is at a high priority.

Having suggested the above, we also ask that customers show courtesy and respect when coming to our workshop. We also require honesty - remember this is our business and we are there to help you.

Remember, if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to call 0408020468.

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