We are proud at PDR Training Australia to introduce Mobile PDR Courses - a customised version of our already existing course.

Simple fill the  suggest a DATE and LOCATION for a proposed course - I guess a custom course that suits you!

PDR 5 Day Course Options


Just any PDR Course $2900 with discounts*
One-on-One $4500 with full payment discount $200
Mobile One-on-One $4500 plus expenses**
Mobile Multiple $3600 plus expenses**


[booking nummonths=1]


* $200 off for full payment plus another $200 off per person extra booking

** extra expenses include travel and accommodation which need to be quoted for each situation to your proposed location. It may also include workshop if required.

Note: One-on-One means absolutely only you and the trainer. We realise some prefer this and have provided that option.

Mobile options mean we come to your location. We can set up a workshop or come to your workshop. The workshop has to be suitable ie little or no noise, concrete floors, sufficient space for one person per car for instance, etc. This will be discussed in detail if such an option is chosen.

The advantages of us coming to you are that, you are more comfortable in your work environment, can be close to your family and also you don’t need to totally leave your business unattended. We do recommend though not booking in any work for this period if you are a business owner as this can be detrimental to your success in the course.

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