PDR Training Australia has been operating since 2009 and gained valuable experience in the many PDR Training courses we have run over those years. We have a system in place that ensures that every possible avenue is covered and all skills on offer are covered in the PDR Courses. We offer the most flexible range of courses from 1 day for the beginners to 3 or 5 day courses including One-on-One or  to One-on-Three PDR Courses and even group PDR courses.

PDR Training Australia offers:

- professional PDR training by a practising PDR Technician with extensive experience as well as 20 years of vehicle repair experience in panel beating!

- choice of professional PDR tools with life time warranty (don't ever go for the no frills PDR tools even if they are stainless steel!)

- ongoing support well after the course. You are allowed to attend any PDR Course with the first 12 months after the course and what the heck we will not be strict by dates. We will even allow you after this event.

- provide whatever avenue to assist you in setting up your business, website, business name registration, licensing information and so forth. We simply do not want to leave you stranded! We want you networked within the industry to have a go.

PDR Training Australia takes your training very seriously and definitely want to ensure you are moving on the way. Contact PDR Training Australia on 0408 020468 and our friendly staff will attend to you usually within the hour or as soon as we can.