Remove and Replace – Wiring

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interior light wiring
sunroof wiring
side mirror wiring


Because we are not auto-electricians, it is important to follow specific procedures in disconnecting lighting. If not done properly, there can be shorts, blown fuses and even possibly damage to electrical parts. It also could mean a lot of wasted time when dealing with problems later let alone having to “please explain” to customers. Any issues that occur (and I have heard of a few nasty ones with tricky luxury vehicles) is time not removing dents on another customer’s vehicle.

Listed below are possible general procedures and typical types of wiring to consider. As suggested they are general procedures and there are vehicles you will find that are different. Experience with dealing with the various makes and models will help.

Note that these procedures related to the removal and replacement of parts process and should be considered together.

Procedures in removing wires

  1. remove parts eg interior light
  2. disconnect wires
  3. replace after repair
  4. quality assurance test to ensure all lights work to avoid customer complaints

Types of wiring

  • Tailgate wiring Difficulty 8
  • Tail light Difficulty 2
  • Interior light Difficulty 4 ( many to remember – majority have up to 5 lights)
  • Door trim wiring Difficulty 2
  • In roof DVD players ie some are after market not from original car manufacturers
  • Sun roof wiring Difficulty 1 – 1 connector
  • aerial / phone wiring Difficulty 1
– aerial is typically rear
– phone wiring speaker front
  • locating fuse boxes Difficulty 4
– due to short circuits remove and then replacing fuses
– checking owners manuals
– time factor
  • sun visor wiring Difficulty 1
  • head lights wiring Difficulty 3
– due to accessibility
  • jump starting cars Difficulty 1
– due to constant opening and closing of doors – flattening batteries
– with correct tools – battery packs are used
  • wiring on mirrors Difficulty 5
– because it may involve 2 people
  • indicator lights (front and rear) Difficulty 4
– side indicator lights can break due to brittle nature
– clips may break
– wire can fall inside so requires wires to pull it back out