Remove and Replace – Roofing


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Roof Lining

In general, particularly when a whole vehicle or many panels require repair, it is most likely that that the roof lining ( the inner part of the ceiling above the passengers) to be removed (required to provide access to the inner part of the roof and for leverage).

There are 3 main types of Remove and Replace processes

Type 1 Glue Roof Lining


interior light wiring
sunroof wiring

Type 2 Material metal rips

Type 3 Screwed on

Type 1 Glued roof lining

Make sure of availability of parts

If Yes $1000-$1200 on the quotation in case of damage

If No
– try being careful
PDR or glue pull the dents and not remove lining
– Carefully heat – risky method of removing lining
– Get 4 people to assist in simultaneous removal

Type 2

Type 3 Screwed on roof lining

Obviously this process involves removal by unscrewing. Most importantly is to try dropping the roof lining in position and leave the screws in the position. Not doing so could lead to longer screws being screwed straight through the metal! Some extra advice is available.

There may be the need to remove rear quarter windows and may require upholsterer assist with lining finish when the job is complete and parts are once again placed back.