Although there are many varying tool sets available, we are always pushing the best brands on the market so there are no hassles. These PDR Tools are long lasting top quality sets.

Those on a tight budget may wish to get the minimal set that would do most of the work. Below we have tried to sift out such tools which at least provides a saving of $1000.

[table id=5 /]

PDR Tools   Part number Price        
Hail rod   R-H36 150
Double Bend ROD   R-D36 210
Fender Rod   R-f24 180
PDR Hammer   DTKDH12 89
Knock Down   AKDL- 51
S-Hook   SKU-SHKS 14
Bonnet Prop   ALMHP 65
Whale Tails   WT06 90
  or WT14   90
  or WT24     90
Side Panel   SKU:SPHST 332
Brace Tools   SKU:BRC10 440
Glue Tabs & glue   SKU:LG-GLUE-KIT   349US
PDR Light   ? 530
Bonnet Stand   ?       935
Door Hook Set   SKU:Doorhk 224
Wedge   ? 17
Glass Protecter   ? 30