PDR Technicians and PDR R and R Workers

As part of our commitment to expand and assist with local workers policy, we have formed yet another program. In order to meet the flexibility of demands of this workforce, we are looking to expanding our contacts from Australia and abroad to ensure we can supply Australia with the sudden increase in demands specifically aimed at hailstorm work. Furthermore, there is now a change occurring across the industry. in 2022, like never before, the supply of vehicles has decreased significantly that customers are having to wait 1 to even 2 years for new cars on order. This has placed extraordinary demands on second hand cars and pricing.

Due to the second hand car market increasing in price, second hand parts including hail damaged vehicles are rising in price allowing a need to repair dents. Never has there been such an ideal environment and incentive for PDR training of  PDR technicians. We have also addressed this demand within our training course curriculum!

If you are already a PDR Technician or an R and R guy from Australia or overseas and are interested in further information, please apply.

Or alternatively contact Jimmy Deguara on 0408020468 for either training or more information about our programs. Don't procrastinate with indecision - act on your impulse and make it happen by entering this lucrative PDR industry.