PDR – Building Relationships

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PDR – Building Relationships

Building relationships with in the PDR Industry

Building relationships in this industry is no different than any other. Your profile and proven PDR techniques have to be rock solid before you can be trusted to do work for PDR companies and for insurance. Your work ethics, reliability and quality has a huge impact in this industry. Good reliable and loyal technicians are often paid well because they deliver when it is needed!

A willingness to accept advice by experienced technicians is an excellent way to build your skills and also your profile. Furthermore, technicians who are willing to take on more challenging work and

Last of all, this industry is payment based on percentages of what has been allocated by the insurance companies, and other forthcoming payments. One of the pet hates in the industry though now becoming the industry joke is the famous Dent Donk phrase “When will get paid?” Document what you require to be paid well and be patient. You will get to know the system of each company and their reliability in payments.

Building relationships with insurance and assessors

There is no substitute for quality and reliability with insurance companies. One pet hate of assessors is for work to be revisited due to complaints from customers. Thorough quality assurance procedures will help avoid many of these issues. Reliability will be rewarded with work allocations.

When dealing with assessors, show courtesy to them and exchange business cards upon meeting. That business card you get from them is gold and should be stored in a business card holder and perhaps scanned for future reference.

Assessors are part of hierarchy and sometimes you may even meet head assessors. They may be challenging you for pricing or may scrutinise your work. If you know for sure they are being picky and they cannot pick many faults, then this is working in your favour. Nevertheless, always be polite and try to assist in any queries and resolve them immediately.

Customer base relationships

Whether it is your private client, customer from an insurance company, or the head salesperson of a car sales yard, you should always show courtesy. Always keep them in the loop as they are not always aware of the procedures in terms of this new technique of PDR.