Introduction to Dent Estimation

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This module have been specifically designed to cover all aspects of the dent recognition process and the steps required to be able to confidently prepare for the quotation process. It includes introduction to and a break down of the Dent Matrix and vehicle panel components.In this module, the theoretical aspects associated with learning how to recognise number, size and depth of dents are introduced. Unlike the Panel Beating industry where rates in terms of hours and paint types are used as guides by insurance companies to determine costs, in PDR, it is the number of dents that determines the quotation and as you will see the severity of the dents as well

light dent estimator
panel on stand marking pens

Before you start, please ensure you have access to:

If you choose a panel to begin with, you will need a stand for it to sit on.

Make sure the vehicle or panel does not belong to your best friend! This will be used specifically to get the early jitters out of the first lot of training! Be prepared to make mistakes and be determined to get through the first several months of tiring, frustrating, relentless practice. Think of the future in the industry as a means remaining focused. Do not act alone and make contact with us every 2 to 3 months to let us know how you are going and let you know how you are progressing. You will be surprised that you have progressed.