Purchasing PDR Tools – Why It Matters!

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Recently, we were contacted by a trainee that the light he had purchased from a specific location was not the best quality and he was rather disappointed. Unfortunately, for the sake of $, he had not taken our advice on purchasing the tools we recommend which have been designed by experienced PDR technicians and tested in the field over many years and varying scenarios.

The PDR Industry is a relatively young industry and also un-regulated. Although this may have its positives, it can be have its negatives. There is not much information around on the internet promoting the differences, reviewing tool brands  and products.

Please follow the general rules:

– Stick with the known brands – namely Dentcraft Tools, Ultradent Tools, Finesse Tools and there are a handful of German made brands

– Never buy copied products from China. The quality is poor . Many think if they see shiny stainless steel tools that the quality is fine! The secret is in the metal providing flexibility, durability and strength when pushing literally thousands of dents without fail!

– If you know or have access to a good ‘honest’ PDR Technician, pick their mind if they are willing to recommend PDR tools. If they recommend more than one place

– For affordability, it is ok to buy second hands as these do have a lifetime warranty which although that warranty is irrelevant for second hand items, the lifetime warranty means they have backed up these tools for a long time. Ask for some evidence it is a genuine brand name as a above. If you are not sure, save up money and buy new direct from a genuine supplier!

– Please note, when purchasing tools, keep a copy of all documentation such as receipts and warranty documents in case you want to sell yours second hand. It does make that difference!

– Take care of your tools. Some suggest wiping the metal tools with oil to avoid corrosion and rust.

– Always have an extra glue gun and extra glue as well as other products that are used commonly. Running out in the middle of a storm or job is not only embarrassing, the time lost can cost immensely especially for those that are in the big game with lots of clients.